Nick Hague

Helping a B2B Thought Leader Build an Audience on LinkedIn

Client Need

As Co-Founder of global market research firm B2B International, Nick Hague has helped half of the world’s 100 largest B2B companies succeed with market research. Nick wanted to start leveraging his 20 years expertise as a Customer Experience thought leader and published author, by building an engaged audience of qualified decision makers on LinkedIn.

Our Approach

Together, we created a content strategy that empowered Nick to start sharing his expertise on LinkedIn. We synthesised Nick’s big ideas into a short list of content themes, which he used to generate consistent content. After defining the key problems his target audience faced together, Nick began aligning his communication around messages that were important to his key stakeholders.


Nick utilised his expertise as a Customer Experience pioneer to build an engaged digital audience. Supported by our strategy, he extracted ideas from his book, blogs and podcast to consistently create written, video and graphic content that resonated with his target audience. After 12 months, Nick had connected to an audience of over 6,000 relevant professionals on LinkedIn.

“While our company excels at producing insightful content, using my personal brand as a marketing channel was relatively new to me. Ben simplified my process of sharing 20+ years offline expertise with an online audience. His strategy has helped me consistently share insights with my network over the last 12 months.” — Nick Hague, Co-Founder, B2B International

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