Anne Worcester

Empowering An Executive’s Job Search With Effective Storytelling

Client Need

With her first job search in over 20 years, Anne Worcester needed to translate her extensive executive experience—including former CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association—into a digital profile she could share with key stakeholders, anchored by a compelling career story.

Our Approach

Using her resume, press features, and conversations together, I synthesized Anne’s experience into a clear narrative that was shared through her LinkedIn Profile. This professional story became the foundation to effectively communicate her value to potential employers.


The narrative I created for Anne played an important role in sharing her 35 years of professional experience working with unique and diverse stakeholders in all aspects of men’s and women’s professional tennis.

“Ben helped me summarize and position 35 years of my professional experience in a very real, authentic and succinct way. If he had a dollar for every time I used his narrative, he’d be rich!” — Anne Worcester, President, Universal Tennis Rating
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