Subject Matter S2 Episode 3: Eric Ruiz: Why The Diversity Discussion Is Broken & Applying Bifurcation

Feb 23, 2020

This episode is an interview with Eric M. Ruiz, an LA-based writer and marketing professional from Modesto, California.

Most recently Eric was part of the Marketing team at Netflix where he helped partners across Latin America integrate with the streaming platform.

Prior to Netflix, Eric spent six years at Waze (and Google, after the billion-dollar acquisition in 2013), where he launched the company’s first partnerships and marketing campaigns in the U.S. and Latin America.

His essays on identity, belonging, and culture have appeared in Fast Company, Observer, Entrepreneur, and Howler Magazine. 

In this Subject Matter episode, we’ll learn:

1. How Eric applies last week’s mental model of bifurcation to streamline decisions and minimize risk.

2. Why Eric thinks the traditional diversity discussion is broken, and what perspective we can use to achieve truly diverse thinking.

3. Why it’s okay not to have all the answers when the decision to troll Drake with a billboard in his hometown of Toronto doesn’t quite go to plan...

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