Checklist: How To Adapt Your Content Strategy In A Crisis

Apr 1, 2020

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This checklist is taken from the full post: "How To Adapt Your Content Strategy In A Crisis", posted on my LinkedIn.

Monthly Content Cycle

Ready to apply the content cycle? Here’s your step-by-step checklist:

Step 1: Take responsibility and acknowledge the situation as a leader.

Answer these questions in a public post:

Step 2: Commit to a frequency.

How much content will you share with your audience each week?

Step 3: Gather data-informed inputs.

Step 4: Add your personal perspective.

What can you share that will be valuable for your audience? Ask yourself:

Step 5: Be a model, not a mimic.

Crisis content formula: Model, don't mimic

Step 6: Craft your proactive observation.

Step 7: Communicate with precision.

Is this word absolutely necessary? If not, delete it.

Step 8: Bias towards over-communication.

When in doubt, share.

Step 9: Review.

Measure your content’s performance. Why do you think it performed as it did? What changes will you make next cycle?

Done? Onto the next cycle.

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