Helping Creators Build, Grow & Monetize Audiences Through Podcasts

For creators, starting a podcast can be a daunting prospect. “How do I grow an audience? How does that convert to actual revenue? And (most importantly) does my voice really sound like that?”

Hi there, I’m Ben.
I host Subject Matter, a podcast giving creators education and inspiration from subject matter experts, so they can build, grow and monetize their own audiences with audio.

I'm building out Workweek's podcast network. We're a new media company—powered by creators—that acts like a record label for talent, giving creators the operational support and strategy to build loyal audiences.

Connect with me

Interested in chatting? I’m always open for a conversation with anyone curious about the audio space. Get in touch here to schedule call, or reach out directly on Twitter.

Happy Clients

“I wanted to address an international audience, and I needed someone who could translate my thoughts. Ben put my ideas into a condensed and clear version of what I was trying to say, and in a context that makes sense. I would not recommend Ben because others would get the same quality as me!Tony Kula, Founder & CEO, meetyoo

“Ben helped me summarize and position 35 years of my professional experience in a very real, authentic and succinct way. If he had a dollar for every time I used his narrative, he’d be rich!Anne Worcester, President, Universal Tennis Rating

Ben simplified my process of sharing 20+ years offline expertise with an online audience. His strategy has helped me consistently share insights with my network over the last 12 months.”Nick Hague, Co-Founder, B2B International