Moments That Make You
Feel Understood.

When you don’t feel understood, you cannot connect with key relationships.

I believe the moment you understand yourself, life truly begins. Feeling understood by the people who matter lets you finally create meaningful connection.

It took me 20 years to understand myself. The second I did, my life was transformed. I went from being the outsider to building invaluable relationships, and a life I’m proud of.

Ever since feeling understood, I live to unlock that same understanding for Founders. I identify the insights in their stories, which drives the power of empathetic communication. This allows them to connect with key stakeholders: Customers, talent, investors and more.

I deliver these astute insights through tools and frameworks which sharpen your story, with the goal of stimulating human connection.

To learn more, start with my essays or podcast, Subject Matter. They’re designed to help you understand your world a little bit better.

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